5 Ways to Decorate with the Colour GREEN

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The Power Of Green

The colour GREEN is as versatile it is grounding . Hues can range from dark and moody to fresh and citrusy. GREEN can make you feel happy, inspired and energetic. GREEN can make room look rich in character or calm and serene. What ever your favorite shade, it is a must to incorporate into your home styling. No matter what the accent colour in your home is, a shade of GREEN will always blend.

1. Wallpaper

Yes… wallpaper has made a comeback.!!!!
With so many wallpapers on the market today you are sure to find one that defines your personal style. I personally LOVE the selection from Natty and Polly.

Take look at their Botanical and Tropical selection and you will find some truly beautiful prints including Amazonia, Babylon, traditional Banana Leaves and a quirky jungle print called Bermuda.

Florence Broadhurst is a design icon when it comes to wallpaper so be sure to research some of her divine foiled prints. In her day she designed some amazing wallpaper, the likes of which had never been seen before.

Check Out Natty and Polly Wallpaper

cabana style green design ideas

2. Paint

A feature wall painted in a bold solid colour can create a dramatic impact. Alternately a softer shade can create a relaxed and calming effect. My favourite shade at the moment is called LUSH HOSTA from Dulux – a mid to murky tone that sits beautifully with natural tones in timber furniture and woven jute rugs.

See The Dulux Greens

Cabana Style Green Paint design ideas

3. Cushions

Cushions are the key to changing up your colour scheme.

By purchasing a few new cushions you can completely change the look of the entire room ( and for much less than it would cost to buy a new sofa!!).

Create some layered texture and go for an eclectic mix of plains, prints and tactile fabrics. Adding a throw rug in a similar hue will complete the look.

Try Cabana Indoor Cushions

Cabana Style Green Cushions

4. Furniture

Nothing screams ‘opulent’ more than GREEN upholstery  – and make mine Velvet !!!!

Whether you want to go all out with the idea and cover the entire sofa, or just upholster a corner feature chair in a soft palm print is your choice, either will create impact.

Alternately, there are a lot of ottomans and footstools on the market at the moment, available in either soft plain velvets or opulent prints. A stylish and handy addition to any room.

Coming Soon to the Cabana

This soft green armchair and matching ottoman will be in store in the coming weeks. The perfect solution to adding some green while keeping the cost down.

Cabana Style Green Furniture ideas

5. Plants

Natures way of adding GREEN. This is the ultimate and easiest way to bring colour and life into your home.

If you are a green thumb then all the better, but if you are a ‘plant assassin’ like me then there are brilliant pieces of fake greenery on the market today. We no longer have to live with ghastly plastic and badly shaded faux plants of the past.

Todays fake plants are more realistic than ever (so much so that my husband even waters some of mine !!!!) I love to fill my vases with fresh palm leaves from the garden and then plump it up with some fake stems. If the whole vase is full of fakes then I always add some water to create the illusion.

Cabana Style Green Plants

Cabana Greenery

When you head back to the Museum be sure to buy the coffee table book for everlasting memories and styling tips

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